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V.G. Reed & Sons  manages all of your financial transaction needs with an offering of services that will organize and manage your confidential and time-sensitive information. Our cost-effective solutions accelerate time-tables, ensure confidentiality, and ease our clients’ workload and efficiency.

Automated Composition for Large Document Creation Requirements: V.G. Reed & Sons offers a web based document management system/solution that will automate on demand document creation. This solution will output print ready PDF, HTML EDGAR, and XBRL. The system is ideal for larger document creation requirements and/or multiple funds. For a demo, please contact your VGR Sales Representative.

Typesetting: Our typesetting formats feature your preference of InDesign or Quark. We will create, to your specifications, all of your chart elements using Adobe Illustrator. We will print out a Hi Resolution PDF for you to approve before final printing. We will also provide you with a web ready PDF for you to post on your website for all your investor and potential investors to view instantaneously and at their leisure.

EDGAR:Once approved, we will convert your typeset product to EDGAR, either ASCII or HTML (your choice), and prep it for filing with the SEC. We are a registered agent, so you need not concern yourself with getting your product filed. Once you approve it, we will test file with the SEC to ensure everything is as you want it to be. After you confirm the test results and give us the final go-ahead we will live file it with the SEC for you.
XBRL:The XBRL component can be the most time consuming and frustrating part of the entire EDGAR process. At V.G. Reed & Sons, we take that hassle away from you. We will create the taxonomy for your funds, convert all the necessary portions of your EDGAR filing into XBRL, test and live file, and provide you with the elements you need to post on your website per SEC regulations.
Document Management: When you obtain raw data files for a project, you do not need to wait until you have compiled all of them before sending them to us. V.G. Reed & Sons’ document management system will catalog your individual data elements and house them in one central location. You do not have to spend needless time compiling and sorting raw data.

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